Happy BD to me!

Today was a Big Day for me. Gargantuan, in some respects. In fact, these last 24 hours have been full of firsts.

First of all (the first first?), I got a migraine last night. For most people, this is not bloggable. For me though, well, yeah, it is. Because I’ve never had a migraine before. Or rather, I’ve only had one, and it lasted about 4 minutes, and when I looked up Stephanie had injured her shoulder. But I’m more likely to chalk that up to the uncanny connection that she and I seem to have sometimes rather than to an actual migraine. But last night? Actual migraine central.

It came on really fast. The trigger? Registering, I think. As in for the wedding. Dave and I keep trying to do this in little chunks, but I wanted to finish at Linens ‘N Things last night because I hate incomplete projects. About 5 minutes after we got there, I was in serious pain. I don’t remember it coming on, it just suddenly hurt. I tried to push through. I thought it would go away. After several minutes, Dave said, “Ok. I really think we should go home now.” And we did. And I curled up in a little ball on my bed in the dark and found that, if I didn’t move and it was as completely dark as I could get it, I could probably fall asleep. And then I did that, and slept for 9 hours.

That, by the way, is out of the ordinary, too. Though more ordinary now than it used to be. I began to pray that God would make me into someone who can sleep well, and that seems to be happening.

The other first that happened today was that Dave and I bought a car. Of our very own!! I haven’t done this before. My Saturn was a gift, and the Honda was a sort of, “Well, I guess you can have it since Isaac won’t need it and your car is falling apart and we don’t have anywhere to keep it” windfall. I told the Civic today that it was about to get a big brother or sister. I think Dave thought I was nuts.

Anyway, we will have the car next weekend, because that is when the people can get rid of it. It’s a ’92 Honda Accord, light green, and it really is amazing how this all worked out for us. Thanks be to God!



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3 responses to “Happy BD to me!

  1. Juliet

    Happy Birthday, Sarah! The world is better because you’re in it. Enjoy this new season in your life…by this time next year, you’ll be a married woman :).

  2. No, No. Happy Big Day to me. BD=Big Day. But thanks for the wishes 😉

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