Too much to blog, too little time

Thus, I invented sundries.

1. Every time I work out after work, I have trouble falling asleep. Why? Not because of the endorphins, oh no. It’s because my legs want to move. I feel like there’s tension in them, or like something’s pulling, no matter how much stretching I do, and I just want to move. I usually have to take Advil to go to sleep (it knocks me out). Someone suggested I ingest some quinine (poison, anyone?), which is apparently a muscle relaxant. The catch? You have to have a prescription to get it in pill form, and the beverages that contain it almost make me gag. The answer? Drink fast. And hope this whatever-it-is goes away soon.

2. Mini skirts are apparently acceptable Biola attire, when accompanied by leggings. Leggings! And tube tops are ok, even when worn inappropriately, if accompanied by knee-length shorts. Go fugure.

3. If anyone knows why one of my really old posts is attracting spam comments that I have to delete, please let me know. Is there a bug? A fix? An easy one?

4. Bother, bother, bother, bother, bother.

5. I’ve been looking for a funny link to post. I can’t find one. That’s funny.

6. Free coffee?


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