Not so interesting

I’m tired. I, apparently, can either have semi-clear sinuses or not be dizzy right now. I’m not sure which I prefer. I thought I might have another inner-ear infection, but Adam said my eyes weren’t wiggy. Yes, I did ask Adam to see if my eyes were still while he looked at me. It’s kind of like asking if someone thinks you have a fever.

I’m wearing new pants. They’re much fun. Dan said I had to tell people this morning that I did, in fact, wear shoes to work because of the length and wide-leggedness of the pants. It was funny.

It might be planner day. Maybe. If I have the energy to find a planner after work. And that would mean that Planner Day comes really early this year. Oh well…it’s a movable feast. It might also be nap day. We’ll see.

One thing is clear to me after re-reading this post. I need more sleep. Much. more. sleep.


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