Don’t worry; I don’t have it again. But if anyone has a sure-fire way to get sinuses to drain (and stay drained!), I’d love to hear it.

But I doubt you do.

I’ve had sinus headaches for so long, I know all the tricks. Apply heat. Massage the pressure points. Take Sudafed. Take the new Sudafed. Use the “under-the-tongue” homeopathic pills like they’re going out of style. Inhale steam. Rock a particular bone back and forth by alternating pressure on the roof of your mouth and right between your eyebrows. Relax your face muscles. Close your eyes. Pop your ears. Sit up straight. Take Ibuprofen for the swelling. Relax, de-stress.
Seriously. And right now, none of them are working to my satisfaction. I’m trying, I promise, but my face still hurts every morning.

Any new ideas?


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