It’s a sad day.  A sad, sad, sad day.  A sad, sad, sad, sad, sad day.

At this point, I hope you’re all asking, “Why, Sarah?  Why is it such a sad day?” because all the “sads” above were baiting you to do just that.

It’s a sad day because I am not a ninja.  And I don’t even have any black sheets or curtains or old shirts that I’m willing to tear up, so I can’t even dress up like a ninja on this, the Day of Days for those brave, brutal boys in black without whom the world would be safe from killing but would lack a certain air of…oh I don’t know…fear and trembling.

So kudos, to all of you ninjas out there.  And little kudos to all of you dressing up like ninjas.  And, to the grimacing girl in the ninja/pirate T-shirt…well…kudos to you, too, for dressing up like that and letting them post the photo on the Internet.  Though now some of those ninja-types may be after you…



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2 responses to “Hiiiieeeee-yaaaah!

  1. Sammy

    are you serious.. wow you are that upset about not being a ninja??? GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE.. this is pretty pathetic.

  2. No, no…I’m weeding out who can and cannot take a joke. Clearly, you did not pass 😉

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