In which I announce my New Web Venture

I haven’t talked about this much, because I was a little…I don’t know…hesitant? embarrassed? afraid I would suck? But now I am, because things are up and running and I’m feeling a little more confident.

I have started writing for Wise Bread, a site dedicated to helping people in their attempts at “living large on a small budget.” I’m writing as Sarah Winfrey (for obvious reasons), and my part of the site is here. You can also get there by going to the main page (link above), finding one of my posts, and clicking on my name (right under the post titles).
Part of the reason I haven’t said much about this is because their first reaction tends to be, “But Sarah…are you interested in that sort of thing?” The truth is that I am, if only because of my own financial and living situation. I want to figure out how to live well, and that includes learning how to manage my money well. So I am interested, and I’m finding that I do have things to say.

Please, head on over, if only to say “hi.” It’s a fun little place that I hope becomes…funner?


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