Life After Christmas

So, I got to Denver ok. So did Dave. And today, we got back.

Christmas was good. I’m not sure what else to say…it’s hard when it’s sort-of an afterthought to the wedding planning.

Some sundries:

1. Men are like bears–if you feed them, they fall asleep. The more you feed them, the longer they sleep. Ok, so not really. But it’s sort-of true, I promise.

2. They’re getting more snow in Denver tomorrow. As in, up to 30 inches on top of the 18-36 they got last week. Right. I’m glad I came home today.

3. I never would have known it without the wind tonight, but my mailbox is musical. Sounds kind of like an untuned cello playing a piece written by a contemporary composer. In other words, it sounds vaguely like the groaning of dying seals.

4. A great code would be to shift your hands one direction on the keyboard and type as normal. Kujw rgua, U Kicw /scw. Well, maybe anyway.

5. I think I need more sleep. Seriously.


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