Things that happened before 11AM

Or, ways I don’t suggest starting your week.

1. I poured boiling water all over my hand (teacup overflow issues). Apparently, I should have burnt myself worse than I did, because a little cold water and something the Biola Health Center calls “Cooling Gel” later, it’s fine.

2. I backed into an RV. Again, all is fine. I was going less than 5, so no surprise there.

3. I came into work and couldn’t log on to my computer. Turns out they reimaged it for me over the weekend and changed my password. I tried the wrong password so many times that I locked the computer down and had to restart it for the password they installed to work.

4. My friend doing the backup didn’t know I used Mail, so didn’t save my email. Or my preferences. We found the email (was saved, just not reloaded onto my machine). Some tweaks later, I can receive and send email.

5. I went through every single email from the past 10 days, because somehow in the process I got two copies of some of them.

6. I found out that a friend’s dad died over the weekend.

7. A couple of tax “issues” that involved calling Dave, calling my parents, then calling Dave again (Dad’s doing our taxes because then we buy one TurboTax, not several).

8. Someone charged $900 to my parents’ credit card. They don’t know who or why. They’ve been on hold with the CC company for a looooonngg time now, and no one will tell them anything.

Surprisingly, I’m still in a good mood. Must have something do to with my new pillow (not the curvy kind but the kind that looks like a regular pillow–the curvy ones make my neck spasm) and the 8 hours of sleep I actually got last night.


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