Anglicanism in America

*These are very early, very initial musings. Take them as such.

I fear for my church. I love my church, but I fear for it.

The word from Lambeth seems to be (if I’m reading the communique and the commentary on it right), that a group is going to draw up a covenant, which each church in the Anglican communion will have to agree to. To help The Episcopal Church, there’s going to be committee…though I’m not quite clear as to what they’re going to do. I think they’re supposed to help discern what was and was not ratified at General Convention this summer, and help oversee the ratifying and installation of the covenant and covenant-lifestyle in the church, from what I can tell.

I guess I wanted more. I wanted this to have been the last straw, for someone to tell The Episcopal Church that they’ve gone too far, have finally crossed the line, and are out. And yet…well, I’m not sure they could have done that. Then again, if not now, when? Where is this line? When will it be crossed? How many (more) times does The Episcopal Church get to cross the lines that are drawn without grave penalty?

The problem with the Windsor Report, and the problem now, seems to be that the consequences are not outlined clearly. It’s like shaking your fist at the bully, saying, “Don’t take my lunch money or else!!!” As far as he knows, you won’t do anything. Maybe you can’t. That’s how this seems, to me. When do you shut the bully down, stop him, take yourself out of his reach?

I think I’ve reached that point. I just wish the rest of my church had.


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