Waiting Game

So, after the excitement of last week, apparently Dave and I now get to play the waiting game.

He called the Bible college to officially say that he was interested in the position. The guy seemed positive, but ended it with, “Well, we’ll call you when we’re interviewing for the position.” Whenever that is. Whenever, in the next 6 months, that is.

In at least one of the spiritual direction opportunities I’m pursuing, I’m hearing something similar: “Yes, we’re interested, but we’re not making decisions right now.”

On top of that, we also have a couple of sure-fire irons in the fire (;) ) that we’re still waiting on because there are hoops to jump through: paperwork to be filled out, paperwork to be transferred from one department to another, tests to be taken, etc.

If only we could get paid for this. Sarah Winfrey, Professional Waiter. Don’t want to wait in line? Let me do it for you!



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