I know, I’ve been neglecting my blogs.  I had a headache most of last week (seriously!) and I find it hard to string words together coherently when my head hurts.  If I didn’t know better, I would swear that the ache takes place in the language center of my brain.

Pray for all of us at work today–we’re a bit tetchy with each other.  They were supposed to finish moving our offices around, etc. yesterday and they TOTALLY didn’t.  I didn’t want to go back to my annex in accounting but boss man won’t give me a laptop, so I was tetchy with him, he’s frustrated with me because I don’t want to be there and he can’t fund a laptop for me right now, and because I pointed out that they made my door wider than we talked about, two of our guys have (literally) no place to work, it’s noisy and chaotic and there are cables hanging from the ceiling and cube pieces missing and…yeah, it’s a lot of fun.  Actually, it could be a lot of fun, if we weren’t having to try to work in it.  Focus, focus *crash*, focus, focus *thunk* focus, focus, focus.  Right.


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