I realized the other day that I believe in following dreams. More than that, I believe that God often speaks to us through what we’ve always dreamed of doing. When doing a particular something lodges itself in a human heart, that seems to be one of God’s ways of speaking to that person, of showing them what is really important (to and for them) and what he put them on earth to achieve.

I think it’s pretty clear that discernment is still necessary. Asking questions like, “Do I want to pursue business because it’s what I’ve always wanted or because I believe it will finally make my father proud of me?” is always important. But more often, it seems like we are drawn away from our dreams by “real life.” Real life means that we have to make a certain amount of money, save in a certain way, and become certain sorts of people. And there’s truth in that. As responsible adults, we do have to make enough money to live, we will save if there’s any way to do that, and we should be avoiding certain habits and characteristics. What often eludes us, I think, is that we can do all of this and still do what we were made to do.

If nothing else, God provides a way. I don’t mean that God is a last resort; I mean instead that even if our own efforts don’t seem to open any doors, God will open them if we follow him. Maybe this sounds simple, but I have to believe that God is going to open the doors that allow us to do, on this earth, what he put us on earth to do.

I also think he’ll let us walk away from that, at least for a while. He will let us pursue other, safer, more culturally acceptable, things. But when we’re walking in his will, I believe he will make things “work” in ways we never would have thought possible.

Dave and I are, right now, walking the path of pursuing our dreams. We’re walking the path of figuring out what we need, making sure we can get that, and focusing our other efforts on the things that call to our hearts. It’s a hard path. It’s hard to turn away from what seems sure to what seems, at least right now, ephemeral. But we believe we’ve found the call of God, and so we’re answering it the best we can. May he provide the strength, and may the increase all be his.


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