Can you take a hiatus from a blog that’s as young as this one is?

Lately, my words feel spent. I start to write a post, and I can’t form it into anything before it all seems to blow away. I think I’m tired, and I have a lot going on, both internally and externally. It’s hard work, keeping up with 3 blogs, at least 2 jobs, and my life outside of those things. So I’ll be back when the words return. Ultimately, they always do.

Meanwhile, I will be praying Mary’s prayer (“May it be unto me according to your will”) and I will wait to see what the words say when they come back.



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2 responses to “Hiatus

  1. Sarah – I’ve enjoyed your words, as spent as they may feel to you. God bless you on your hiatus (Sabbath?).

  2. Deborah

    Dear Sarah,
    I have been reading your blogs since “Lent before Lent”, enjoying them tremendously and praying for you. But I don’t think that blogging should become a chore. Write when you feel like it.

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