I’m back

Or maybe I was never really gone.

*This is the short version of this post. The long one got eaten by WordPress.*

I wasn’t planning to be back this quickly, but I am. This week, though, was important for me.

I’ve been feeling technologically and informationally overwhelmed. The stems largely from the fact that I spend most of my 40 hours of work every week in front of the computer. A ding in my email means I need to respond. A colored bubble with words that pops up on my monitor means I need to solve someone’s problem. When I don’t have anything else to do or my next meeting isn’t for 10 or 15 minutes, the only way I have to “amuse” myself is to play on the internet. However, this stopped being amusing and started being stressful. I felt like all of my email and the blogs I write and the blogs I read and the blogs I comment on and the things I want to research online each were making little demands on me, and I was tired.

I needed to step back. Externally, I needed to organize things so I could find the information I really wanted quickly and easily and not have to pick through the rest. Internally, I needed to decide how important all of this is to me. But I couldn’t do these things and fulfill the demands I felt impinging on me.

I’m tempted to feel silly because I let the internet make demands on me, I gave it that much pull in my life. I do think, though, that it needs boundaries like everything else in life. And I needed part of this week to figure out mine.


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One response to “I’m back

  1. Deborah

    Dear Sarah,

    Taking time out from different activites to rethink them and rethink their place in your life seems to me like a good fruit of Lent. Setting boundaries is enormously important –nowadays we are all so inundated with good things, with worthwhile things, with deserving people needing help, that you need to step back and consider your priorities, to pray and reflect where God is calling you.

    During Lent, I have been attempting to declutter my one-room apartment with only partial success: because of pressures of work, I didn’t sort a shelf every day. Now I am well behind schedule and need to think what is most important during Holy Week and whether I should make a major effort on decluttering or continue that project at my original pace and concentrate on other directions.
    It is clear that decluttering the premises needs to become a regular practice. Sigh….

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