Not much going on

The Winfreys are experiencing a serious dearth of newsworthy events.

That’s probably, actually, normal, but we haven’t lived normally for so long that it feels a little boring.  I mean, what with deciding to get married, getting engaged, planning a wedding, and getting married, we had a year or so that was always filled with something worth saying.  Now, life is good, and solid, and somewhat appallingly stable.  Part of me thrives on change, on new and exciting things coming up.  Another part of me hates change.  Those two parts don’t talk so much.

We’re waiting on a lot, more or less patiently.  We’re still praying that Dave gets the job, though we probably won’t hear for at least another 3 weeks.  But, after the 6 or 8 weeks of it that we have done, even the waiting is starting to feel normal.  We are, right now, people who wait, like we are people who work and eat and sleep.  I think we both will feel relief when this is over, though, no matter what the outcome is.

Dave and I are both getting back into our hobbies.  He has been playing poker online again (not for money) and trying to buy (no matter how I say this, I’m going to say it wrong) some models of a particular series of Macross Robotech transforming airplane robot guys.  They’re from his childhood and they would be fun to display (that’s what I understand about this), so we’ve been watching eBay auctions, etc.  Mostly, we’ve been watching someone swoop in at the last minute to take what he’s trying to buy, but he’s gotten at least one.

I’m getting back into photography, or, rather, I’m trying to purchase the equipment to get back into photography.  I’m looking for a body for my Canon EOS Elan II 35mm (lens is good, body works but the LCD screen is very broken) and a Digital Rebel XT, preferably with a couple of lenses and maybe even a good bag and a hard case, though I’d probably rather buy those separately.  It’s all fun, and we have a little bit of extra money right now so we can do these things.  I’m also finding some time to write again.  It’s scattered and kind-of all over the place, but it just feels good to be getting back into it.

My toe (the one I sprained or broke) still hurts, but someone confirmed for me that all a doctor could do is tape it, which he wouldn’t be able to do to me because I’m allergic to lots of tapes.  So I wear open-toed shoes to work and wait for it to heal (Heal, toe, heal!!).

Like I said, nothing newsworthy but life is good.


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