I’m becoming more and more convinced that, at least in my life, good things come in multiples. I can’t help but hope that this bodes well for the job. If I believed in The Promise, I’d be sending out my positive vibes all over the place. But I don’t.

We got the car back today. It works. While we were there, we mentioned that we’d be bringing the other car in for the small oil leak. The guy offered to look at it and tell us what was broken. To his surprise, it wasn’t any of the parts he suspected. And it wasn’t that Jiffy Lube (where we only took it once and then because it was almost the wedding and the dang thing just needed more oil) stripped the plug to the oil pan. Oh no. They did much better than that. They gave us one that was too small. As in, they gave us back one that wasn’t ours.

Oops. So I guess God’s been watching out for us, because it could have popped out any time in the last 3 or 4 months. Yikes! So…we got an oil change.

I can’t say that I’ve trusted mechanics like I trust these guys, and I’ve only been in there once. But the way they talk about the cars? It’s like they’re all good friends. And they let us go without paying for the oil change because the guy who was there didn’t know how much it would be. We said we were coming back to have the transmission serviced next week, and he basically said he wasn’t worried; we could pay then. Crazy. If you have a Honda, let me know and I’ll tell you where to take it.

And the other bit of good news? Dave won’t let me tell you yet.(it doesn’t have to do with the job and I’m not pregnant). So go, harass him until he will.


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