The return of the DREAMS

I’m back in the place where I have really vivid dreams.  The thing is, until this morning, I kept forgetting them.  But this morning’s dream was a doozy.  I told it to Dave and he didn’t seem to think it was all that, but it felt like it was.

First, a little history.  I’ve known at least some karate for over 6 years now.  For a while, I would have dreams where someone would be hurting me or chasing me and I kept thinking, “I know karate; I should be able to beat this guy up.”  But I never could quite get the guts to turn around and wail on him.  Then came a while where I’d have similar dreams, think the same thing, try my karate, only to have it fail entirely.  I’d try to kick and not be able to, or I’d kick and not inflict any damage.  I figured it had to do with the fact that the memory of those things was in my muscles and I couldn’t use them (really kick) in bed, particularly after I woke up from a couple of those dreams feeling like I’d been trying to flail through my blankets to kick.

So last night, I dreamt (after a whole long series of stuff that I don’t remember and am not sure is related to this dream) that Dave and I were at home.  It was our apartment now, except that the door was somewhere else…somewhere we couldn’t see from the living room.  We were in the living room and someone came in the door.  We didn’t know who it was.  I was concerned, but Dave kept making jokes about, “Yeah, whoever it is is going to get a knife from the kitchen and threaten us.”  Soon enough, an older chinese man with an old-fashioned wooden crutch came around the corner brandishing our butcher knife.  He wanted all of our money, cell phones, etc.  He took Dave’s wallet and either his day timer or his server’s pad.  I was afraid he’d find Dave’s tip money, wherever we had it.  I kept thinking, “I know karate…I should use it.”  I almost didn’t, but then I did.  And it totally worked.  I mean, granted it was and old man with a crutch, but I knocked him down and held him while Dave got all of our stuff back, out of his pockets and such.  His knife disappeared, and I was oddly disappointed that I hadn’t overcome someone with a knife after all.  We ended up there for a while–Dave searching for stuff and me holding the guy.  And I just wanted to hurt him.  I wanted him to suffer for scaring us and trying to take our stuff.  Eventually, I think I woke up–I’m not sure if it was Dave’s alarm or the fact that the struggle in myself to hurt him or not was too great.

Anyway, it was weird for me not only because I was able to use the karate and it actually worked, but because of how badly I wanted to hurt the guy.

So…who knows what this means?  Any takers?


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One response to “The return of the DREAMS

  1. Deborah

    What a great dream! I like the thought of you being Wonder Woman and defending Dave!!

    I wonder whether on the one hand something you have been struggling with for a long time is finally becoming resolved – but on the other hand, this solution brings new dilemmas. Finally you are victorious over the bad guy – but now you have to make a decision whether or not to duff him up whilst waiting for the police…!
    (I don’t think you would.)

    [I have a student who is a kung fu black belt – I must ask her if she has dreams like this!]

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