Thursday Thirteen #1

I’ve seen this meme/carnival around and it’s sort-of fun.

Thirteen random ways my life is better since marriage

1. There’s someone else there when I wake up at night and can’t go back to sleep (even though he’s asleep).

2. He asks me every night if I want water for my nightstand, even when I forget it myself.

3. Puzzles get done much, much faster.

4. I laugh more.

5. I don’t have to lift all the heavy things and just hope they somehow make it where they’re going alive.

6. I laugh at myself more.

7. I have more permission to dream.

8. There’s someone else to tell me the truth when I can’t tell it to myself.

9. Sex!

10. There’s someone to split the disagreeable tasks with (In fact, he does all the bleach-related tasks because bleach makes me feel so sick!).

11. His seeing me as beautiful makes me so.

12. There’s someone to share joy (and pain) with.

13. He honors me by letting me share in his joy and pain.

I could keep going, but that’s 13!



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8 responses to “Thursday Thirteen #1

  1. Great list! Having a good husband is an asset in life.

  2. amy

    What a sweet list..Hope your hubby gets to read it

  3. What a sweet list! A good man is worth his weight in gold! I am thankful for my good man!

    Happy TTing!

  4. I forgot to say WELCOME to the Thursday Thirteen!

  5. Your list is wonderful. I especially liked the one about him getting you water for the nightstand.
    And #9 is one this virgin is looking forward to when the day comes.

  6. This is a wonderful list — I have been married for 27 years, and though I don’t always think about being thankful for things like this (and I should be), I know I would miss them so much if anything ever happened to my husband.

  7. #2 – mine does this, too 😀

    Love your list!

  8. Hey! Thanks to everyone who came by and commented. I couldn’t get back here until now, but I love it.

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