The delicious, delectable dilemma

One of the problems with working at a computer all day is that every, single time I come across a book that looks interesting, I can look it up an Amazon. I can read all about it and how much people loved it and how I really need to read it if I don’t want my life to be over. And then, I can add it my wish list.

Make that wish lists.

Yes, lists.

Why lists? Because I have six (6) of them now.

Yes, 6.

Why six? Because there were too many and it got all confusing to have them all on one list. No one knew what to buy me and I didn’t know where to tell them to look and it was sad. So now I have 6.

And what an eclectic 6 they are. I have a list for artistic and creative books, which includes books on everything from writing to making journal by hand to drawing. I have another one for food and eating, with books about meatpacking and the food industry in general and how to eat so that you avoid hurting the most people, and what sort of diet is best for the human being. I have one on web design, and one one spiritual direction, and one I call “Work Alternatives” which has books about working from home and transitioning into that. And then? Then there’s the “other” list, which currently contains science fiction, several DVD sets, some kid’s books, the Lonely Planet wall and desk calendars, some random books that don’t fit anywhere else, and all of the PostSecret books.

Oh yes, I am eclectic.

I have a little bit of money to buy books, leftover from my birthday and the mercy of my husband, who didn’t ask me to put every single cent that I received toward the camera, which he would have been perfectly justified in doing. And I can’t decide what to buy. Or, rather, when I do decide what to buy, the list is impossibly long and impossibly expensive.

And then I wonder, will I really read these books? I have scads of books now, and I’ve been getting more faster than I can read them. I think I have 6 “open books” right now (though it may be 7), and even I can’t honestly handle many more than that. Most of them are on different topics; writing from the practical perspective, writing from the spiritual perspective, attachment theory, post-Napoleonic France (which is a fancy way of saying Les Miserables), and Texas Hold’Em Poker are the ones I can think of now.

Really, reading and learning through reading are some of the things I’m best at. All of this leads me to today’s dilemma: who will ever, ever pay me to read books?


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  1. A publishing company might… that’s my goal, anyway!

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