Anybody know anything about chemical reactions?

I love smoothies. I’ve been making them for breakfast and bringing them to work in a thermos at least a couple mornings every week. They’re even better when they keep me full, so I’ve been adding a couple scoops of a soy-based protein powder, and they’re great.

Except when they’re not. Which brings me to my question–does anyone know what it is that, when combined with soy, makes a gellid mess? Because that’s what happens. In 1 of every 5 or 10 smoothies that I make, what I pour into my thermos is very different from what I (try) to pour out. It goes in a thick liquid and then, somehow, becomes the consistency of jello. Only it’s also kind-of clumpy and tastes funny. And I can’t eat it. I’m pretty sure it won’t hurt me, but the thought of it doing that in my stomach…Yuck!

I thought it was the oranges, maybe the acid in them. But I can use strawberries, which are also acidic and today, it happened to a smoothie without oranges. So I have no idea what is going on here. But if someone knows anything that would stop this chemical reaction, please let me know. My enhanced dining experience will thank you.



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2 responses to “Anybody know anything about chemical reactions?

  1. Well, I suppose gelatin is protein, and if you’re adding a protein powder maybe this is like adding jello mix?

  2. eclexia

    Pineapple maybe? Just a wild guess, if you are using mixed frozen fruit.

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