Two things. Unrelated.

1. “Triathlon” either needs to be pronounced differently or it needs to have an “a” after the “h.” Do you know how many times I’ve spelled it “triathalon” over the last several days? No, you don’t, and neither do I. That’s kind of my point.

2. The book of Ecclesiastes is very comforting to me, and always has been. I often wonder why I’m doing what I’m doing because it doesn’t last. Then, I tell myself that I’m being depressing, that I need to believe and hope that I’ll eventually do something that lasts. And this book? It reminds me that what I do won’t last. Now, I’m not saying that I can’t do anything good, anything that will last in some way through the people I know and influence. But the financial security won’t last. Neither will the as-yet figment of my imagination job that fulfills my needs, nor anything else. Perspective is good, particularly when it validates the things I wonder about a lot.


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