I’ve come to expect

more than I would have

known to want.

I’ve drank

from this firehose of love

until it felt like lunch or

a Coke in the shade on a sunny day.

I’ve eaten and danced and

sang with my hands in the air

until I forgot the days of

not enough,

left feet,


I woke up this morning

and the spring was gone.

Or hard to find, hidden

under the mossy rocks and

behind fallen trees.

I had come to expect more

than I would have known to want.

*Update: Formatting will NOT work on this. I think it’s a WordPress problem, as I can’t even view the code right now.



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  1. betsy

    It sounds like you’re entering the marital equivalent of Pentecost – “ordinary time” – the ‘long green season’ – where we live with our Beloved and are fruitful.
    now you have a new baseline, a new normal. It is ‘ordinary’ for you to live and be loved, to live and love.
    All it takes to shake this up is to be apart for a week or so, you will re-find the ‘not enough’ right quickly.

  2. I’ve read and re-read this poem several times, and each time it arrests me. I have no words to adequately express how much this moves me and how “in the poem” I feel when I read it, since I have experienced some of this too.

    I’m sorry you’re walking in a wilderness. It’s a hard, long, and lonely road.

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