Christa, Dan, and Kate, I will miss you all.

(For those who are confused, one of my best friends, her wonderful husband, and their beautiful new daughter fly out of LAX this morning to move to Georgia, where Dan is going to grad school).

May you have a set of good, safe flights and a quiet, happy Kate-girl.

May you all get to sit together on every leg.

May you get all your stuff unloaded without any problems, and may your car have arrived safely and undamaged.

May you love your new apartment.

May school be just the sort of challenging blessing Dan wants it be right now.

May you find people who have just been waiting to open their hearts to you.

May you make close friends faster than you ever dreamed possible.

May you find a church you can really sink your teeth into, where you can love and serve and be loved and served.

May you find confirmation left and right that God is with you, and that he holds this move (and any future ones!) in his hands.

So much love to all three of you!


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