This weekend: the good, the bad, and the burnt

Dave and I went to San Diego (which my fingers keep insisting is spelled “Sand Iego”) to see his mom and his sister and go snorkeling. Originally, this was triathlon weekend, but the fracking truck took care of that (look at me…I can swear in BSG…I’m such a dork!).

A good time was has by all. We saw tiger sharks (I saw one that was longer than me…at least 6 feet!) and garibaldis (big orange fish) and other orange fish with glowing blue dots, and a school of tiny transparent fish with glowing blue lines and other, less incandescent, members of the fish family. And Dave and I got fried, in pretty splotchy patterns, despite applying sunscreen more than once.

Eventually, we figured out that the sunscreen is expired (or at least, some of it is), and the only parts that burnt were the ones above the waterline when we were snorkeling. I’ll let you imagine those sorts of burn lines all by yourself.

We had really good Thai food, and despite the fact that Dave’s sister didn’t quite know what to do with us since we don’t fit her usual “dinner-drinks-dancing” motif in that, while Dave and I might be up for a little dancing, I don’t think their mom is, and Dave isn’t supposed to have alcohol because of the TB meds, a good evening. After dinner, we wandered around the Gaslamp District (downtown SD) but didn’t do much because we’d had dinner, and the other options seemed to be drinks or dancing. I was fried by that time, so we went home and went to bed.

I think it must have been a good weekend, since we both said, “We should do that more often” on the way home. Maybe next time it will involve a triathlon.


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