If at all possible, don’t get hit by a truck

Wow…twice in one day. I’m a regular blogging animal.

I got to see my very own orthopedist today (can I keep him…oh, wait, other blog post). He moved my shoulder around, had me move it around, actually listened to me (and that is SO attractive in a doctor) and announced that I have a torn labrum. It’s not a rotator cuff injury, thanks to Jesus. Apparently the little bit of pain and the popping and the somewhat instable feel of my shoulder is not all in my head, and is because this piece of cartilage tore when I dislocated my shoulder. It sounds like almost everyone under 30 who dislocates a shoulder does this, so it’s not unusual.

As far as what to do about it, well, I have a referral for physical therapy. Apparently, I have between a 9 and 80 percent chance of dislocating it again (helpful numbers, those!), but he thinks my actual odds given age and gender are a little less than 50, which also isn’t very helpful. So I guess I try to get it strong and hope and pray for the best.

Please do pray–this whole accident thing is proving to be like a 2 year old–constantly testing and trying my patience. Yesterday I got a letter from the DMV saying that I needed to submit my insurance information because I was in an accident. I called them today and politely pointed out that I was on a bicycle and so that doesn’t really seem relevant, and it turns out they don’t have the police report yet (I guess they didn’t pay their $10 and submit their official letter explaining why they have a right to a copy of it). I faxed it to them and the nice lady said she’d correct the mistake, but still…bizarre. Dave meets with his lawyer-friend next week, so we should know more then about what in the world to do next.



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