Well, I know what I’m doing on October 5th

They’re making the second book in one of my favorite series from childhood into a movie (well, it’s sort of the second book…it’s one of those weird things like, “Which book is the second in the Chronicles of Narnia?”). The movie is called “The Seeker” and it’s based on The Dark is Rising.

I loved these books. I knew them before I knew Narnia or Middle-Earth. I loved them with that child’s love of wonder and good writing. I loved them like I loved trees and violets and fresh snow.

I don’t remember who gave them to me first, though I know someone did. And I thank that person. My family wasn’t so into fantasy, so the books I found in that genre I found because I happened upon them or someone gave them to me. I discovered Terry Brooks because he won a literature award when I was in middle school. We had to pick several books off the list. That was one of the longest, so I chose it (I’m such a nerd…who else tried to find the longest books because they were, at least at that point, less likely to be as stupid as the shorter ones?). I don’t know if I discovered The Dark is Rising series before or after that, but I loved it.

It’s just Arthurian enough to be interesting, but not enough to be gaggingly Camelot-ish (I’m not a huge Arthur fan). It’s real enough to be believable without trying to act like we ought to be finding magic in our world. It was about kids like me without being obviously a children’s book. Actually, I reread them once as an adult and was still a fan. For some reason, these books were never as popular as Harry Potter or Eragon or Lewis or Tolkien or even the “Ged the Wizard” books, but it should have been. In some ways, I guess, it defies genres. It doesn’t fit in well anywhere. But now they’re making a movie, so maybe someone will hear about them and go read.

Ok, enough waxing poetical. I have no idea how good the movie is, but I’ll see it just because it pays homage to the books I love.



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2 responses to “Well, I know what I’m doing on October 5th

  1. I suppose this means I know what I’m doing October 5, 2008. For I always seem to be a year behind when it comes to movies!

  2. Whether I’m ahead or behind seems to depend on the genre. Fantasy? Usually ahead. Superheroes? Right on time. Action or generic rom-com? Late. Very, very late.

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