“She’s a pastor’s wife, she shouldn’t lie.”

Apparently, that’s what the lawyer for the insurance company of the guy who hit me said to the lawyer representing us. I heard it yesterday and I still can’t decide what to feel. Amused? After all, it’s ridiculous on so many levels. Sad? Is this really what our legal system is reduced to? Angry? Ok, so you can tell me I’m wrong, but calling me a liar when you don’t even know me seems a little out there. Bemused? As Dave said, “Ok, so our legal system is corrupt and I should have expected that. But it’s such a stupid lie. Couldn’t they come up with one that fit the facts?”

I also thought up some comebacks (I didn’t say they were good, but I DID consider suggesting them to the lawyer):

“She’s a pastor’s wife, so you should listen to her.”

“Actually, she’s not a pastor’s wife, but she pretends to be so the church people don’t get upset.”

“Shhh…she’s in the witness protection program. Actually, she doesn’t believe in God at all.”

Or, to use the same logic they’re using:

“She’s a pastor’s wife, so she must be telling the truth.”

Ok, so can anyone think of one better?


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One response to “Drama

  1. Matthew

    With all the things that have happened in the last few months, it really sounds like God is trying to do something in you. What’s He trying to get you to open up to in your soul? Just ‘cuz you don’t want it doesn’t make it less of a gift, eh?

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