It has seriously been almost 10 days since I posted here. A lot has happened in that 10 days, most of it inside of me.

I’m not going to tell that story now. Maybe later. When I’m not feeling quite so fried.

Fried Sarah is not a pretty sight. Nor is it tasty. Or, at least, that’s what they tell me.

Suffice it right now to say that I love you all (well, the ones of you I know, anyway) and I am well. I miss my husband, who is at a conference for work this week, but I am well. Maybe better than I’ve been in a long time. But fried…very, very friend inside. I will come back, maybe even tomorrow. Right now, though, I need to reach out and know that people are there, to feel like I’m in a community even when I can’t see them. Thanks for being there.



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  1. Monica

    Yes, Sarah. We’re here. And I love that while you’re fried, you are also “very, very friend inside.” I would agree with that!

  2. Hi, Sarah. I’m here. And I owe you a very long and heartfelt e-mail, which I hope (hope!) to write tomorrow. In the meantime, my hugs go out to you from Florida. And I love the new look here! Very “you.” Of course, I loved the old look, too. 🙂

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