With grateful hearts

I’m thankful for Dave, my Love, who walks with me and holds my hand. Without him I’m not sure I’d have had the courage to continue growing these past several months. He is truly a Great-Hearted man who welcomes others with warmth and gentleness.

For my girls, the ones here and the ones far away, the ones I’ve known forever and the ones I’m just meeting. Thank you for being wild, free, anguished, angry, joyful, uplifting and everything else, and for sharing it with me.

For my family, none of whom ever tell me that my dreams are out of reach, and who have always encouraged me to follow the things I see, even when no one else has those same visions.

For winged words, that help me travel my path even stronger than before.

For a renewed openness to creativity and a freedom to create, to follow that path and see where it takes me.

For choice and its power.

For safety in that awful accident that could have been so much worse.

For a God so great, so strong, so mighty that He can stand firm and let me lean on him. For His faithfulness, beyond anything we could imagine. For His steadfastness in drawing and calling our hearts to become what he made them to be.


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  1. Deborah

    And that your recent post on turkey leftovers on Wisebread shows you have come a long long way since you posted in March about feeling shy about your cooking …!

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