So, this was going to be me posting on the memes Christianne tagged me for, but instead it’s me posting that I’m too sick to blog. I should have taken the cue from Kirsten and gotten some rest…

See y’all on the other side…



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4 responses to “Memes…not

  1. urgh! sickness! grr!!

    i hate that you’re sick. the staying-home-in-bed kind? if i were there in california, i would bring a warm bowl of soup to you on the couch. and maybe some sprite on ice. which would be weird, because it would be mega-hotness on your throat followed by ice-coldness. but it works. at least, it works when i’m sick, it does.

    hope you get better soon and are able to just take care of your body, helping it make itself get better in the amazing way God created our bodies to do. and, when you’re feeling better, really looking forward to hearing about your book loves. 🙂

  2. oh bummer. get some rest and get well quick so you can write that meme post. love to you…

  3. too funny sara…it looks like you and i were posting comments on each other’s blogs at the same time. synchronicity…

  4. Well, I felt “stay-home-in-bed” sick yesterday and this morning, but I’m either getting better or the meds are actually working this time. I did my meme post 😉

    Christianne-thanks for the love. I’m trying to care for my body. This is probably something I could improve on…

    Terri–that IS funny. Thanks for the love.

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