He buried himself in a pile of leaves next to the neighbor’s house and hunkered down for several days. I guess he’s ok…yay!!!



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6 responses to “THE TURTLE IS FOUND!!!

  1. i’m so glad. turtles must be resourceful little buggers. whew!

  2. They have instincts up the ying yang…it’s amazing.

  3. hooray!!!!!!!!

    {i realize i did not comment on the previous post, but i did read it & i am happy the prodigal turtle has been found}

  4. hooray!!

    i read the earlier post and didn’t comment, either, but i was going to come back here anyway and tell you that me and kirk found a turtle wandering around the neighborhood a few weeks ago. poor little guy was on a hot concrete driveway around the corner. kirk decided to get out of the car and carry the poor little guy all the way to a lake a bit of a ways down the street.

    i was going to tell you that the little turtle we found was definitely not cummings, it being florida and all. 🙂

    but i’m SO GLAD cummings was found! cute little guy. 🙂

  5. Tammy

    I am just now getting over here, i have been meaning to now for a few days and everytime i was ready to pop over here i got distracted. What is really weird about this post is just this morning ( before i had to leave David’s) i put up a comment on Terri’s blog about a turtle. This is really, really ironic to me. ( I am easily amused) Wow! When i read the other blog i almost cried, i actually did a little…shhh don’t tell anybody. Oh boy! Little guy is home. Hooray!

  6. Kirsten–thanks for the celebration 😉

    Christianne–yeah…definitely NOT cummings…though he was helped by a nice stranger. apparently a neighbor saw him headed toward the street and pointed him back to the house where he eventually hid next to.

    Tammy–hehe…we all have turtles on the brain. and thanks for loving my little guy with your tears.

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