My little gallery

I don’t share my artwork very often. I’m not entirely sure why. Mostly, it’s because I do it for me, because I like making the world a more beautiful place and because I feel like my most peaceful and happy self when I make art. It’s a lot like writing that way, except that making the art feels extraneous, somehow, but in a good way.

Maybe it’s like Heather’s piece on being a creator vs. being an artist. Writing is at least part of what I’m called to do, and as such it’s great fun but it’s also deadly serious. The art I make seems above and beyond, like it both comes from and creates so much extra joy and I get afraid that I’ll break the joy if I share it.

Also, it feels particularly self-indulgent…as if blogging weren’t bad enough 😉

Nonetheless, I finally got my new camera a couple of weeks ago, and it’s wonderful. I don’t think I wrote here about the trials and tribulations it took to get it (at one point, I owned a new memory card and card reader, a camera case, and an extra battery, but NO CAMERA!!!), but it was so worth it. So this is my new baby:

It’s super-duper, with a great macro feature, 10x optical zoom, and 9.1 megapixels. Once of the things I’ve discovered that it does really, really well is take pictures of my artwork. Whoo-hoo! And there’s something so exuberent about the piece I worked on this morning that won’t let me get away with not sharing it. So here goes…

I’m not such a good GimpShop user, so the crop isn’t great and I’m not sure how true the colors are (those are both things I’ve heard you’re supposet to change in editing when you take pics of art), but it makes me happy share it. I’m not sure it’s finished–it needs something, maybe. It will sit in our extra room/office/studio for a while and I’ll look at it every time I see it and eventually whatever it needs will come to me. That’s how it usually happens, anyway. I painted those purple flowers on it this morning and thought I’d ruined it, but then I outlined them and they were perfect.

It’s crazy to me that there’s part of me that works like that, that knows, intuitively, that I should paint purple-and-red flowers on the sparse tree that’s on the happiest background I’ve ever made, even though it doesn’t make sense to me. It’s always like that, and then it turns out in the end and I wonder why I bother THINKING about it when my intuition knows what it’s doing. It’s like the shelf in my kitchen that holds saucers, cups, mugs and Voltron. Don’t ask me how I thought of it, but it works and makes Dave and I both happy.

And now, because I’m in a particularly, um…vociferous, maybe…mood, here are some more. The first two are closeups of the flowers from above.

I love how the purple changes based on whether it’s on top of green, turquoise, blue, or yellow.

Next is the very first Gocco print I ever made (and if you don’t know what Gocco is, it’s a Japanese printing press…google it for more info ’cause I can’t really explain it).

I love how the imperfect texturing makes it look antiqued. I would love to do a series of these with different words and hang them in my child’s room someday.

And here’s another Gocco’d print:

This one’s more serious, somehow. I did it last fall, when the forest fires were burning down people’s homes and there wasn’t anything anyone (even the firefighters, for a time) could do. (The wild pattern behind it is one of the many international pieces of cloth I’ve collected…if the pic was straight or I knew how to straighten it, I’d cut it out…I think it’s distracting.)

Here’s the tree alone, which I also like, though it needs something…

That one looks a little more like winter, with a path that something or someone left through the snow. More than the others, it makes me ask, “What’s it all about?”

If I share many more of these, I’ll have to buy more storage space from WordPress 😉 Actually, those are all I have pics of, at least on this computer. I hope you enjoyed this little gallery tour.

(And if you didn’t, well, it was either this or a rant to the producers of Battlestar Galactica, who have postponed the second half of season four (the last season!) until FEBRUARY 2009 (!!!). I’m not usually this attached to a TV show, but Galactica is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Anyway, this post seemed more positive, somehow, than that one would have been, so thank your lucky stars I thought of the idea 😉 )



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15 responses to “My little gallery

  1. I’m slightly stunned by this side of you Sarah. I had no idea that you were an artist. Your paintings are wonderful and so full of life. I love the colors in the flower picture and the Gocco print too.

    You said it perfectly…the intuition knows what to do. If only we listened more carefully in all things (speaking for myself anyway).

  2. i love love love these, and i love also that you were willing to share them. i’m especially liking that print of the tree over the colored fire pattern. it captures the wildness of the fires so beautifully, and it makes me sad for all the destruction those fires caused.

    thanks for this sarah.

  3. Di

    thanking my lucky stars that you shared this gift of your talent with us! love your paintings, the fire one is amazing! wow. and this narrated virtual gallery tour inspires the wannabe artist in me, too. just love your style.

  4. Chloe–you know, I’M still surprised that I’m an artist (and a little wary of that word…”artist”). I started going through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way last summer about this time and ended up buying painting supplies, then the Gocco, and art-ing away. Isn’t intuition the bomb, if we can just convince ourselves to follow it?

    Terri–you’re so welcome. I’m blessed that it blessed you.

    Di–hehe…and you’re welcome. What kind of art do you like to do (Paint, prints, drawing, etc.)?

  5. wow, sarah! it’s so great that you took this step to share all of this with us. not only did it probably open up a new space within you (the space that took a risk by sharing), but it also blessed all of us.

    i, too, love the wildfires piece. i loved it even more once i knew the background for it. i can really feel the flames whipping wildly around the dry brush and trees, bringing so many people’s lives down, and it makes me feel sad.

    the piece with the turquoise and the purple flowers also makes me smile. brilliant colors! fun shapes!

    thank you for sharing, little miss. 🙂

  6. very beautiful. Painting is like writing, it is a gift that can and should be used to the glory of God. You are doing a great job of both.

    Peace to you today my new blog friend. Keep painting like this and we will call you Sarah Grace Picasso…Or Sarah Grace Van Goh (sp)

  7. Christianne–little miss, huh? actually, yeah, it has been good to share. i’m glad you enjoyed them.

    Carl–i prefer Sarah Grace Picasso, if it’s ok with you. “guernica” is such a cool painting (but I might think that because I’ve visited guernica…). Thanks so much for your words and peace. Peace to you, too.

  8. sarah,

    i love love love these … thank you for sharing them. wow, i think you had mentioned this visual-artsy side of you before & i love being able to see it. love the purple flowers & love how the color seems to morph somehow depending on the backdrop (teal, yellow).

    i love those japanese prints, too. they’re bold & visually stunning really. stunning, i tell you.

    thanks for sharing. WOW.

    you rock, sister!!

  9. Actually, each of these is exuberant; somehow the act of putting paint to paper is mining an exuberance of soul you have tucked away. I love them.

    And I also love how color changes depending on juxtaposition with other colors. I find myself considering that there’s a parable in that somewhere, somehow.

  10. Kirsten–thanks SO MUCH!! It does my heart good to know that these touch you (and others).

    LL–you know, I hadn’t thought about my exuberance as “tucked away” before, but that’s pretty accurate. There’s not a lot of space for exuberance in my life…it’s like I don’t know how to integrate it, somehow. Hmm…well, THERE’S food for thought. Wow.

    And I also intuit a story or a parable in the changing of colors in relation to other colors. It’s not one I can tell yet, but it’s there.

  11. Linni

    Love the tree in front of the fire print! Beautiful! Busy! calm! beautiful!

    And of course, the purple flowers.. happiness all around!

    It’s beautiful! I’m happy that you are doing it and loving it and sharing! Now we know as well… now we can get up and do something! xx

  12. Linni–Thank you, thank you, thank you. And I love how active you are, how something like art not only moves you to ponder, but to make and to do and to add to the conversation yourself.

  13. Sarah! You are so amazingly talented! I love them. Thank you for sharing. More! More!
    The purple and red flowers are perfect. If I didn’t love you so much and see so much God in you and your art, I’d be jealous.
    I’d love to hear more about how you feel God in the process or whatever.

  14. Oh, and if you don’t have enough room here, you can upload pics to and point to them from here.

  15. Heather–thanks so much! God in the process of art is a fabulous topic for another post…definitely doing it soon.

    Also, I set up an intersection account and chose the girliest theme out there 😉 And now I can’t figure out how to do all this “point to them from there” stuff…but I’ll get it, one of these days 😉

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