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Ok, this is my last post this week, I PROMISE. Unless something deliciously bloggable comes along, of course.

Maybe most of evangelical humanity has seen this before I did last Sunday, but it moved me so deeply. Watching it, I realized that I don’t need any better proof for the fact that part of what I’m made to do is hear people’s faith stories than the tears that came to my eyes when I saw this.

(Note: This youtube version is all that will post on WordPress, but there’s a better version here, if you can’t read the words that come up below.”

When I watched this, I felt like someone ripped my heart out of my chest, mushed it around for a while, and handed it back to me, but all in a good way. And then, our pastor had each of us do the same thing and share it with the rest of the church (there’s 20-30 people at my church most Sundays). Wow. I don’t know everyone’s story, but what I saw, both in the words written on the cardboard and the looks on their faces, my heart overflowed.

Our faith stories are so important. They’re so key to understanding ourselves and the people around us, and they perpetuate the faith. When I hear how God has helped you, I’m changed. When you hear how he provided for me, you’re encouraged to expect his provision for yourself. We need these stories. They’re part of how we stay alive in the faith.

P.S. Sabrina bloggeth.



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9 responses to “Watch this video

  1. okay, i’m basically a big, blubbering mess over here. i had saltwater tears running down my cheeks and stinging my eyes until they hurt, and my heart feels mushed up and crushed up and totally grateful to God for this, his God-stories in us. thank you for sharing this, sarah. it means so much to me.

  2. jennyjack

    Oh my goodness…I got sent this a couple of weeks ago and I cried too! It is such a testament of the work that the Holy Spirit can do!!

  3. Christianne–I love the picture of your mushed up, crushed up heart. That’s totally what it does to me, too. You’re very welcome.

    JJ–totally…it’s all about Him, isn’t it?

  4. Tammy

    I said you are a force to be reckoned with, and i see by this blog how deeply true that statement is. I have taken a back seat to blogging lately. I have been reading but not had a whole lot to say, i have felt, “wordless.” This blog melted me and i could not fight the emotion of responding to it.

    My, my this is so powerful. It makes me cry, weep really when i look inside of my bankrupt heart and feel my desperate need for God to be real, not just to me, but IN me.

    Peter cried to Jesus at a point in his life and he said, “depart from me Lord for i am a sinful man.” This blog brought me to my knees.

  5. that is a video that is begging to be shared. this seems like something that might happen at my church. and that’s amazing: seeing in real, everyday people … the power of Christ to transform, to heal, to restoreto make all this new. the giver of hope, the bringer of peace.

    all right there. flesh-and-blood real.

    thank you, Jesus!!

  6. i love listening to stories about where people have come from and the marks of jesus on their skin…thanks for this sarah. and thanks for your tender, listening spirit.

  7. Tammy–Oh, I know what it’s like to be wordless…and yuck. Take your time, lady, and come back when you’re rested and ready. And you know what I notice about the story when Peter says that to Jesus? He doesn’t leave. He stays, and then stays some more. How cool is our God!

    Kirsten–wow…yeah, there’s something about NEWNESS that refreshes my soul. And when it’s newness in real people, it’s even cooler.

    Terri–“the marks of Jesus on their skin”…there’s something about that phrase that’s beautiful, beyond just the words. I think that coming to Jesus can be so painful, even if it’s in a good way…it changes us on the outside, too.

    And you’re welcome.

  8. Indeed, your stories encourage me. It is nice to have this blogworld, where we can hear each other’s stories, isn’t it?

  9. LL–it’s positively frabjous 😉

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