Vacation, Take II

So, there were definitely hard parts about my vacation. There was the letting go that comes with letting down and tears that come with unwrapping white-knuckled fingers from what they’ve been clutching. And then, there was joy.

There were the fireworks:

Followed closely by the fire:

And the firetrucks (for which we were all very thankful):

There were flowers:

(wild NEVER see these!)

(wild NEVER see these!)

(I have a thing for flowers.)

There were rocks:

And mountains:

I don't care who you are, that's high!

I don't care who you are, that's high!

A lake:

Some streams and rivers:

And the clouds. Oh, Lordy, the clouds…

This last one is how I remember the sky looking every afternoon of the summer. You can see it get dark blue in the distance and watch it come toward you over the plains.

There were furry critters:

They're marmots!

They're marmots!

And not-so-furry ones:

Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad

The one you haven't seen before is my Grandma Jane

The one you haven't seen before is my Grandma Jane

When stalking the Dave in his natural habitat, it is wise to begin your approach from behind.

When stalking the Dave in his natural habitat, it is wise to begin your approach from behind.

As you swing around to a side view, make sure he's distracted.

And then there were the things you can’t photograph: the hiking at least 7 miles, all of them above 8500 feet, all in one day; the conversations and the stories; the getting to spend time sitting next to Dave just watching the river flow; the good beer and the better wine; the jumping into the rapids only to get sucked in and spit out downriver; the sterile, simple beauty of the tundra; the joy of not having anything you have to do.

I SO needed this vacation.



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8 responses to “Vacation, Take II

  1. Tammy

    These photos are incredible. Sarah you guys really have a serious talent for this. I knew that Terri and Kirsten have snapped some beautiful stuff, now you too? You all have a very tasteful eye.

    Man i am jealous, makes me want to catch a plane out of here. Also makes me want to snap some photos of my own. I just had a wickedly sweet idea……………………..stay tuned it might take me a while. Bad me!! I am outta control ova here.

    The photos i could take! my first snapshot is going to be the inside of a redneck outhouse. And i know how much Terri appreciates the charm of the South so i will probably dedicate it to her.

    I don’t even own a camera. Pictures carry a lot of sentiment and i don’t so much get into all of that. I don’t have hardly any photos in my house and the ones i do have i had to borrow from my parents.

    On a serious note I slipped in something in a comment to Christianne concerning you. You won me over when we first started talking because you stunned me by approaching me in such meekness, after i had written some of the most repulsive things i could conjure in my mind. I love you for your sweet heart Sarah.

  2. Awesome. Lovely photos and even lovelier you, in your natural habitat finding wonder.

    My favorite photo is the one of you and Dave wearing sunglasses right in front of the camera. Totally cute!

  3. Looks like you had a great time stomping around Colorado. I have lived her for a good part of my life and still love stomping around the mountains.

  4. oh my sarah-girl, i love seeing this. you know i have a thing for photography & flowers & dark heavy skies & wide OPEN spaces. having heard about what you’re working through with your job & the, uh … um, “challenges” it’s presented you with, i’m so glad you had this. it looks refreshing & invigorating to me. i looks like you were free to breathe in & hold it & release it nice & slow.

    and i loved the bit about stalking dave in his natural habitat. i’ll keep that one filed at the back of my brain for when i need it!! :o)

  5. Love the pics! Gorgeous shots of the rocks and the clouds, especially.

  6. Di

    gorgeous! thanks for letting us share in the beauty and adventures!

  7. Tammy–wow…thank you, thank you, thank you. And I predict that you, my friend, will become the most world-renowned inner-outhouse photographer.

    Christianne–thanks! you know, that sunglasses photo is my desktop background right now 😉

    Carl–stomping is the best. Do you have a “Native” bumpersticker…or one of the new ones I saw when I was home “Not a native but I got here as fast as I could,” which I thought was hilarious.

    Kirsten–SO glad the photos gave you something. And stalking Dave is fun.


    Di–you’re so very welcome.

  8. I really laughed about the not-so-furry creatures. And the clouds were beautiful. Really beautiful.

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