I don’t usually do this, but there are several things on the web that have my attention today.

This article almost made me cry. Imagine that, a gymnast who performs better because she has permission to make mistakes, and whose coach is not only proud of her gymnastics, but of who she is as “a real person.”

Here’s the game that I can’t stop playing. Seriously, I don’t close my browser so it doesn’t lose it. If you get addicted, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

And this is the funniest thing the web has given me in the last several weeks. I think it sums up, just about perfectly, how I feel about politics right now. And, while I’ll most likely vote for the man, the image of Obama riding a sparkly-rainbow pooping unicorn while singing about change? Priceless.



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7 responses to “Linkydinks

  1. Tammy

    Hi Sarah
    I read that article, interesting. That is a touching example of how winning comes from the “grace” to fail. Hmmm I wish i could remember this thing when i get mad at myself for displeasing God. I also wish i could remember this when i get mad at God because i disappointed Him. It seems that i take on this angry tone with God when I, (Key word there is I) displease Him.

    I still have not figured out how to extract that pride from my heart.

  2. Tammy

    Hey Sarah
    I popped over here again from Di’s blog. You said something there……………the velveteen rabbit. That book holds a lot of memories with it for me. I never read that book until i was an adult, never heard of it. But someone several years ago told me about that book. I have a deeply emotional connection to it. I will stop there, but i just thought it was odd, (that is not really the correct word) that you made reference to it.

    Maybe the velveteen rabbit holds some meaning to everybody, i don’t know. I remember the first time i read it, i was at the public library crying and trying to hide my face. It looked pretty bad Sarah, i was sitting in the children’s section of the library reading a children’s book. People probably thought i was nuts. To me you gotta be an adult to wrap your mind around that one.

  3. Tammy–your heart is so close to the surface sometimes, girl…I love it. Thanks for your story about the velveteen rabbit…let’s try to be real, ok?

  4. Okay, Clusterz is SO TOTALLY ADDICTIVE! I played it once yesterday and got the immediate sense of how addicting it can be. Tonight I decided to give it a “real try” and got up to level 8 before I died. I was making all kinds of faces and grunts as I played. That’s how I know I’m hooked. Ha! : )

  5. Hehe. That’s the great thing about Clusterz…you can die and it doesn’t matter (infinite lives). And it doesn’t time you. And I have yet to figure out if you want a low score or a high one…

  6. i love the jibjab video!! i’ve seen a few they’ve done around election time before & they leave me in stitches.

    stitches, i tell you!!

  7. Kirsten–I know! They seriously have their finger on that good kind of satire…you know, the kind that’s funny instead of insulting or ridiculous. Nice.

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