Here I am again with the links

If you only watch one thing on the Internet, ever, you should watch this (and I really mean that). It’s Steven Curtis Chapman and his family talking for the first time about their daughter’s death last May. They’re amazing. I can’t belief this hasn’t gotten more publicity.

(Sorry…I can never remember how to imbed videos in WordPress…but it’s not the intuitive way!)



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5 responses to “Here I am again with the links

  1. Oh, I know. Isn’t this incredible? Breaks your heart. I heard they were also on Larry King last week for a full hour. I haven’t checked to see if that’s been added to YouTube yet, though.

  2. JJ

    Ya…Larry King’s there too now. My mom and I just sat and watched it. This is powerful.

  3. Wow…I’ll have to watch the Larry King one, though not at work. I watched the one posted here at work and ended up sitting at my desk crying…which doesn’t help when students walk in and need help.

  4. Robin Fuller

    Can’t believe it hasn’t gotten more publicity either!!! Loved it, thanks for making me aware of it!!

  5. Glad you liked it, Robin. Isn’t it a cool story?

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