I always feel so silly for posting prayer requests, especially when they get answered so quickly. I know that that’s actually the silly feeling, because I’m positive the prayer helps get them answered. Anyway, I sent an email bomb of sorts to every possibly relevant email address I could find for my insurance company and got someone who not only fixed the problem, but also apologized. Now, I suppose I should wait to throw the party until I know for sure, but it looks like it should be good. Thanks so much for your encouraging words and for your prayer.



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6 responses to “Update

  1. Tammy

    Yee Haw that is good news Sarah! If they don’t follow through and they have a local office, pay them a visit with a bomb strapped to your chest, that should speed things up a bit. And if they don’t have a local office tell them you have already sent numerous anonymous envelops to their office that is infected with the Anthrax virus. That won’t get em’ movin’ but it’ll scare the hell out of em’. In a very monotone, calm voice say, “don’t get mad i get even!”

  2. hooray!! this is terrific news. i felt the same way about my “a dry & weary land” post … you mean i’ve been dealing with this for how long & all i had to do was ask for prayer??? and i totally felt sheepish & a little silly about it.

    but it’s not, is it?? (silly, i mean)

    anyway, CONGRATS!!!! and GO GOD!!

  3. Tammy–a suicide bomb? Could we think of a way of getting their attention that doesn’t involve me dead? I’m just sayin’…

    Anthrax…hmm…now there’s an idea…

    Kirsten–totally Go GOD!!!

  4. Tammy

    Dear, dear Sarah………..It is clear you need some clarity on the criminal mind. NEVER EVER strap an activated bomb to your chest! All you need is a dummy. Not the real deal, do you think they are going to take the time to argue with you? However, you may get arrested for terrorism, and that could be a problem. No worries me and Nate would bust you out.

  5. Always nice to hear good news. Or the beginning of good news. : )

  6. Tammy–ah, thanks for the clarification. It’s good to know you don’t want me dead 😉


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