Priviledged, Tired, and Weepy

Wow, so I just got back from spending a long weekend with Christin, Kirsten, and Christianne (yes, you can sing the “One of these things is not like the others,” song now 😉 ). And, wow. I don’t have very many words yet. Lots of tears, and I don’t really know where they’re coming from.

We shared so much…the songs and phrases and words that tie a group together, some experiences with God, some deep longings and desires. And we shared some crap, some of the stupid things that Satan brings along when he doesn’t want times like this to happen. In the end, we all walked away, not only standing but standing tall, centered and true even though the world spins madly on.

I think the pic below sums it up the best I can do for now. I found it on the bathroom stall in the airport on my way home. All y’all made me feel beautiful this weekend, even when I truly wasn’t. And together we were beautiful.



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7 responses to “Priviledged, Tired, and Weepy

  1. Sounds like a beautiful time, and I’m completely jealous I wasn’t there with you guys!

  2. Okay, you totally brought tears to my eyes with that last part. I love you, Sarah.

    PS: I’m pretty sure it’s going to take me a while to write anything substantial on my blog about all this . . . but you and Kirsten seem to be doing the job for me just fine! And for that I am THANKFUL. : )

  3. i couldn’t find three more fitting words if i tried. privileged. tired. weepy.

    yep, yep, & yep!!

    i don’t know if i’ll ever get my head or my heart around the last few days. seriously. so much beauty, so much love, so much souls-on-our-sleeves & healthy good, ol’ fashioned catharsis now i’m used to it and i’m feeling sick & just not quite right without it. i kind of feel like i don’t belong in this “real” world that i’m back to now, even though this is where jesus wants me to be for the time being.


    and dear sarah, there is a beauty in you that the enemy fears. he dreads it, dear girl. as well he should.

    don’t forget it.

  4. Heather–definitely beautiful. God is a fearful and wonderful God.

    Christianne–I understand the sentiment of feeling like you can’t write about it yet. I STILL mostly feel that way, and yet the words keep coming. I don’t really understand, but I’ll go with it.

    Kirsten–wow…the line about beauty and the enemy takes my breath away. Really? Me? I think I’m starting to believe that but it still makes my breath catch when you actually say it.

  5. oh so beautiful. i wish i could have been there with you guys.

  6. I really like the picture. Friends walking. And one friend willing to stand at the back and chronicle with a camera.

  7. Thanks, LL! You know, everybody was worried about the “butt shot,” but I think it turned out grand. I’m so glad you like it.

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