Me, ice skating at Warwick Castle

Me, ice skating at Warwick Castle

Or, Who am I and who am I becoming?

For years, I blogged under the name Aegialia. “Aegialia” is the name of a Greek character from the Iliad. Why is that my screen name? Well, mostly because I’m a book nerd, and I don’t like usernames with numbers after them, and I needed a Yahoo! email account a few years back. I couldn’t find anything else, and I got desperate, so I searched the back of the Iliad until I found the name of a character who was A)good, B)female and C)had a name that I liked. Aegialia fit the bill. But I don’t remember who she is in the Iliad.

But then I decided that I wanted to blog as myself, as Sarah. I was engaged at the time and felt like my identity was changing with my last name. I knew I’d keep my middle name, though, so I decided to write as Sarah Grace. Hence, iamsarahgrace.

Yeah, I know, I still haven’t told you who I am. Mostly I’m just a girl. An adult girl, doing her best to live in this world of ours. I’m not alone, though. I have great friends, a wonderful family, and a simply astounding husband. Without them, I would not be making it nearly as well as I am.

I’m a Christian who has experienced God. He is real, and I know him. Sometimes I don’t seem to know him well, but I do know him and that relationship is of the utmost importance to me.

I’m a writer who has recently chosen to value her creative gifts. Writing is still young in me, but I’m determined to finish a few projects I have started and to follow the process where it takes me. Expressing myself through words is something that I desire from a deep place. I’m not sure what lies there for me, but I’m going to follow it so I can find out. As part of my writing, I blog here and over at Wisebread.

I’m a graduate of the Institute for Spiritual Formation at Talbot School of Theology with a degree in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care. I’m a spiritual director, currently working out of the Center for Spiritual Renewal, also at Talbot School of Theology. I do spiritual direction with individuals and groups, and look to expand that this year.


4 responses to “About

  1. manda

    Doesn’t aegialia mean scarab…as in scarab beetle?

  2. Joelle

    Happened upon your blog via L. L. Barkat’s Green Inventions. Wondering about how it is to be a young spiritual director. Feel drawn in that direction, but thinking I should wait until I’m “experienced and mature.” How is it for you?

  3. sarah grace

    hey my name is also sarah grace. where is that photo on your page from? the one of the mountains?

  4. Sarah

    Hi, Sarah Grace 😉 The pic is of the Sierra Nevada mountains, I think, but I don’t remember exactly where I took it.

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