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1. Merry Christmas. A few days late.

2. I’m saddened by the death of Benazir Bhutto. I followed her story sort-of by accident because I read BBC’s news feed almost every day, and she is a heroine. I’m sure she’s not perfect, that some of the charges laid against her were based at least in part in reality, but her ability to lay herself aside and step out every day knowing that people wanted her dead inspires me. The fact that they finally got their way doesn’t mean they won.

3. Vacation is wonderful. The rest that comes with it is also wonderful. I’ve needed a break. So I’m going to get back to taking that break.


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1.  I made “from scratch” pumpkin pie this weekend, with a pie pumpkin and handmade crust and all.  It’s very good, but I can’t help but wonder if it was too much work.  I always think I’m going to like these “back to the earth” things better than I do.  Pumpkin insides are nasty!

2.  I need some days where I don’t have to do anything, where I can sleep and pray and paint and run.  My people energy is low, and I don’t really know why.  I’m very, very glad that I have taken the days before Thanksgiving off.  This week, next week, then a whole week off.

3.  I think people think I’m odd because there are days when I’d rather spend lunch with a book (and make some effort to do so) rather than other people.  Extroverts, all of them.

4.  Little Miss Sunshine is a Good movie.  I didn’t like it until it was all over and I could think about it, though.

5.  I heard two sad stories this weekend that are still causing me to feel melancholy today.  Autumn is always melancholy–the beauty of watching things die in their time–and these stories enhance that.

I need some new music.  Any suggestions?


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I’m not around here much

Has it really been almost two weeks since I blogged? Wow. I must have a life or something.

I can’t think of much to say…Dave’s birthday was yesterday, and I got him a tomahawk. He loved it, and now wants to know where he can practice with it. Um…not in the house?

Oh, and I feel obliged to say something about the fires here, but mostly it’s just sad. The air sucks. The sun should not be orange unless you’re on Mars or the Apocalypse is fast approaching. It’s hard to watch people who don’t know if their house will be saved.


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A lot has happened

Since my last post, so much has happened. I have a new job. Starting at some as-yet-to-be-determined time, I will be the Secretary for the Intentional Character Development program. Things are a little up in the air as far as when I’ll actually start and what the program will look like and what I’ll actually be doing there eventually, but it seemed like a good move for me. It sounds like I’ll end up doing something that’s a lot more along the lines of what I’m directly interested in, what I’ve studied, and what I care about.

Mom and Dad came out for the long weekend. We had a lot of fun, in spite of the fact that it was over 100 degrees every day. We went to an International Festival in Orange. It was awesome and would have been even more awesome if we could have stood to be outside for longer than an hour, and if we were hungry for the awesome international food they were offering. But the huge IHOP-esque breakfast we had at this amazing little hole-in-the-wall restaurant pretty much made that not an option. It wasn’t a total bust–they had a vendor selling jewelry made out of magnets. I can wear it as a necklace, a bracelet, an anklet, a belt, a hairband. It’s easier to explain when you can see it.

Once we felt sufficiently like the fried food we were wandering past, we decided to go to the beach. Venice beach, to be more specific. Not the place in LA where most people would take their parents, but, well, we were up for a little excitement and a lot of cool air. So we went. We even weathered the parking. And it was so totally worth it. The beach was not nearly as wall-to-wall with people as we thought it would be, the water was just cool enough to be refreshing and warm enough to be comfortable, and the crazy people were out in force on the boardwalk. It got pictures of some of them. Good, crazy pictures. And a toe ring that goes all the way around. I’ve been looking for one forever.

Other than that, the most exciting thing we did was get ice cream at RiteAid and Keen’s at REI. We’re party animals, us Pletcher/Winfreys.

In other news, the ants have broken the truce. Yes, we have a truce. They don’t invade in large numbers and I don’t decimate the small numbers of their population that do wander in. It’s gone quite well, actually. Until they showed up in large numbers yesterday evening in our bathroom. So we’ll see. This may mean war.

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Note to self: Coffee is a poor substitute for breakfast

In fact, I don’t think it’s great for me anytime.

Headache. Not enough sleep despite trying. Brush fire making the air nasty. Those three are probably connected.

I’d love to start my own artsy business, but I want a life, too. And I’m interested in so much. Photography. Print-making. Gocco. Cards. Stationery. Handbound books and journals. Art prints. Purses and scarves. Acrylic painting. Over the last several months, art, creativity, and making things has blossomed for me. I had thought that door was closed for me, but it’s not. If I was going to be an artist, it was going to have to be in my writing. But that’s not so. Where, oh where, do I start? And to make a living making art? How cool would that be? Sounds too good to be true, but people do it. I’ve found them. All over the internet. Start small, Sarah. But I never do that. I jump in with both feet and whatever air I can snatch, or I don’t jump in at all. But I want to swim.

Hurry up and wait seems to be a theme right now. bam Bam BAM then sit here and twiddle my thumbs. So I twiddle, and try to do something useful in the meantime. And not seethe because I hate being just useful. I hear that many people want to be needed. They want to be useful. Me? I want to be wanted. I want to know that people prefer to have me around even when I’m not useful. It’s hard when I feel tempted to be NOT useful just to see how that goes over. But I’m still useful, because I still need my paycheck. The joys of financial motivation.

There’s so much going on, internally and externally that all of my thoughts feel fragmented. Feel incomplete. I feel like I’m mentally and emotionally marking things to come back to, because there’s too much to see and feel and figure out right now. And there’s always something new. I don’t feel overwhelmed, like I’m drowning in TOO MUCH, just like I’m becoming good at juggling. Is that marketable? Dave and I get to get OUT OF TOWN this weekend, and I’m so thankful. Sorry for all the caps–that’s how the thoughts are right now, even though that bugs me.

Someday I’ll organize all of this, think about it, find the truth. But not today. Tomorrow doesn’t look good either.


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1. Apple frisbee anyone? Seriously, I get a CD for every single computer we order from them. The SAME CD. I have several.

2. I should run more often. It makes me a much nicer person. I don’t quite understand the whole process, but it does lower my anxiety, help me manage feelings that come up, and just generally not be a bitch.

3. I don’t really know how to talk to people about my shoulder. Yes, it’s better. Yes, if you see me doing most things, you won’t notice that I hurt it. No, that doesn’t in fact mean that it never hurts.

4. My back is still not entirely back in place from the accident. How do I know that? Because both knees and hips hurt after I run. Sometimes they’re sore, but they huuurrrrt last night and this morning. Poor back.

5. I had thought that biking was my least favorite of the triathlon exercises, but I’m finding myself missing it. I’m actually a little scared to go back out on the street. When I was running last night, I found myself approaching all vehicles suspiciously…even ones parked on the side of the street. So I need to go out on a bike again (I grew up riding horses, where you get right back on unless you’re going to the hospital.).

6. Gosh, I’m tired.

7. I ordered one of these today (scroll down until you see the PG11 with the kit)! You can make this, and this, and even these. It’s a much cheaper alternative to letterpress. I liked letterpress, but I don’t have the money or the time to keep driving to Pasadena and paying for classes, nor can I afford (or house!) my own setup. So Gocco it is, at least for now (be careful with those links–you might get hooked!)


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1. My body is sometimes like a spoiled 6-year old. Case in point, the conversation I had with myself while running Friday morning:

Mind: Keep going. You’re doing well. You can do this.

Body: I know I CAN do it. I just don’t WANT to anymore. See, I’m stopping, riiiiiiiiiiight here!

And it did.

2. Letterpress class is fun. It will be more fun when we actually get to, you know, print something. My Julian of Norwich cards (which I keep insisting on calling my Teresa of Avila cards because they almost were) should be pretty cool. I’ll post pics after I actually get to make some.

3. Does Mr. Llizo still say “Be warmed and filled”? Because that would make a great card.

4.  I wrote this last week and forgot to post it.

5.  I’m resisting writing a review of Harry Potter just to be contrary.  I’ll probably write it eventually.

6.  I swam in the ocean Saturday morning.  It was scary–I’ve been scared of drowning ever since the unfortunate incident with the kayak, the swimming pool, and the inhaled water.  But I did it, and I did it pretty well.  And being back in the pool this morning?  So much easier.

7.  I think this triathlon thing might actually happen.  Really.  Truly.  I’ve never done anything like this, particularly after I swore off competition when I stopped horse showing.  That was an unconscious swearing off, mind you.  I didn’t realize I’d done it until I started thinking seriously about doing this and it just felt wrong.  I’ll probably write more about this later.

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